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It starts with a song.

A love of music has to begin somewhere. I might not know exactly what my song was. But I'm grateful every day for the chance to share the thousands of tunes I've fallen in love with since that very first one.

I'm Jesse Hughes, born in South Carolina, raised in Kansas, and now residing in Southwest Florida. My father brought music to the forefront of my life through his continuous involvement with contemporary Christian radio throughout my years at home. I started singing before I can remember, picked up the guitar at 16, and haven't been the same since.

So now I'm here. Because of a girl. Amy and I met by chance. Well, God's good graces. God's VERY good graces.

Amy Thurston (now Hughes) was born and raised in Massachusetts, and has always been a child of the arts. Singing, dancing, acting. Most of what's good about me is just what's rubbed off from her. We hit it off early thanks to our wildly obscure senses of humor. Then we just happened to sing a song together. Our first of many songs.

And now we can't stop singing. It's like falling in love for the first time. Every time.
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